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Uni-Tek 41 Polyurethane Based Adhesive
Uni-Tek 62 Polychloroprene Based Adhesive
Uni-Tek 62-1500 Polychloroprene Based Adhesive
Uni-Tek 64-1500 Polychloroprene Based Adhesive
Uni-Tek 69 Polychloroprene Based Adhesive
Uni-Tek 83 Synthetic Resin Based Adhesive

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Universal Adhesives was established in 1999 by the founders having more than 40 years experience in adhesives. Firstly started to supply adhesives to footwear industry and then automotive and furniture industry by 2001. Universal is a customer satisfaction oriented company and knowing that the quality is the most important factor in customer satisfaction, the company is purchasing its raw materials from world’s most important suppliers for years. Being aware of even very minimal changes in the products may cause serious problems to customers, the company, carries out the raw material and end product controls by a quality control team which is functioning absolutely independently of other departments. Aiming to serve the best quality within the minimum period of time, in cities where the customers are concentrated, Universal, has its technical teams who are accompanying the customers in the first applications of the products in order to obtain the optimal adhesion. Besides, the company follows closely the newest application forms developed in foreign markets and keeps informed its present and potential customers about such developments. Basic functions of Universal is to follow up and implement the updated new Technologies and support its customers for making productions in domestic and international competitive markets.



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